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Watch Simpsons Online - Season 12 Episode 9 - HOMR - When doctors find and remove a crayon lodged in Homer's brain, his true IQ emerges, leading to a strong.

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Crayon Removed From Man's Head. HOMR. the doctors find a crayon lodged in Homer's brain from when he was a child,. the episode ends with Lisa.

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What color crayon did Homer Simpson get stuck in his brain? Source(s): color crayon homer simpson stuck brain:. Looking for episodes of Bonkers?.Episode References Gags Appearances Gallery Quotes Credits Skinner's Sense of. I'm afraid you have a crayon lodged in your brain. Homer: There's a crayon in my.

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BABF22: HOMR. SEASON TWELVE:: 18. Homer: Absolutely!:zooms into Homer's brain,. We could remove the crayon for you! It could vastly increase your brain power!.

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257. HOMR. Posted on June. the crayon in the brain thing is kind. but I get a really anti-intellectual vibe from this episode. When Homer becomes.In The Simpsons episode titled "HOMR", Homer has a crayon removed. The simpson gene must excellerate brain growth but also cause discomfort in the brain / nasal.

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Episode 5: Homer vs. Dignity;. Episode 9: HOMЯ. Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain. This explains why he is such a moron.I've never seen this episode,. Nose untill it hits his brain. Homer stuck 16 Crayons up his nose when he was 6. crayon is Powder Blue, and Homer's IQ.

Doctors say man had pencil in head for 15. of The Simpson's episode HOMR, in which Homer Simpson discovers he has had a crayon lodged in his brain since.An x-ray reveals a crayon lodged in Homer's brain. After the crayon is removed,. Episode 9. Previous All Episodes. HOMR (07 Jan 2001).

The Simpsons: Season 12, Episode 9. Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain. Lisa the Tree Hugger Episode 5 - Homer vs. Dignity Episode 6.

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The Psychology of the Simpsons. Stupid Brain Homer's Soul Is the soul present in The. Homer's Odyssey Homer is known for no being the sharpest crayon,.

Find and watch The Simpsons Episode 9 - HOMЯ (S12 E9). Tune-in to The Simpsons Episode 9, share with friends, tweet, and more online.Plex search metadata. modified Posts. if searching "The Simpsons" and I want to find an episode where homer has a crayon in his brain. the episode title is "HOMЯ.

I think that Homer Simpson is smarter because he works at a nuclear power plant so. YOu got to have some brains. But Peter.

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Bryan Cranston provides the voice of spy Stradivarius Cain in this episode's The. neither does Homer's idiotic. The Simpsons Review: Super-Sized Nelson; Top Shows.

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Homer is always getting himself into silly situations The brain usually saves the day. The clip was taken from the episode Bart vs australia If you want.Everyone in the Simpsons family is a genius. I've held that the crayon in Homer's brain doesn't. In the episode where Homer has the crayon removed.The Simpsons Season 4 Episode 18: "So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show. You lost 5% of your brain. Homer: Me lose. So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip.

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The Simpsons cast and news on Global TV;. One remains wedged in his brain, resulting in Homer's below low IQ. episodes of The Simpsons are not posted online.

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What is the difference between the New and Old. the one where Homer gets a crayon stuck in his brain,. In the newer episodes, Homer is a lot.

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Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain. shove another crayon into his brain and he goes back to being a blissful idiot. (for listings and show/episode info).Homer vs Peter is a What-If? episode of Death. it struck the crayon lodged in Homer's brain. Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin is Season 1 Episode 4 of.Nose Shove: How the crayon ended up in Homer's brain. Persecuted Intellectuals: This episode showcases that even above-average intelligence is not accepted in.Homer falls in love with a new product there and invests the family's life savings. Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain. Rate this episode. What did you.

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